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This is an SSL Secure site. The security of your Billing Information is protected with state of the art SSL Encryption.

What Is SSL Encryption?

SSL Encryption is the industry standard for insuring privacy between a web browser communication and a remote web site running under SSL Encryption. The SSL technology provides unbreakable encryption with any data transmitted between Browser and SSL Web Site. Your Billing Information, including credit card numbers, is transmitted and received by our web site using SSL encryption, preventing any unauthorized or unscrupulous persons from prying into the transmission. The transmission is readable only by our web site.

How Can I Tell The Connection Is Secure?

Look for the SSL Secure Lock Icon to be displayed on your browser. Click or double click on the SSL Lock Icon and your browser will display more detailed information regarding the particular SSL connection and the SSL certificate that a Web Site is Providing. If there are problems with the SSL connection your browser will usually display a warning box and/or the SSL Lock Icon will be absent or show a broken link. The SSL Certificate is a verifiable way to insure the web site you are visiting is a legitimately registered business with one of the certifying authorities.

Tip: Always make sure your browser address (url, location) shows HTTPS://some.site.com. The "S" is the secure protocol, and the regularly used HTTP (without the "S") is simply a standard (non encrypted) connection between your browser and the web site you are visiting. The Opera example below shows the correct HTTPS address prefix, which means the browser is requesting an SSL Secure Connection to the Web site.

Examples of SSL Lock Icon
Internet Explorer 7x Top by Address Bar
Internet Explorer 6x Lower Right Bottom
Opera 9x ver Top Right / Address Bar
Opera 8x ver Standard Tool Bar
FireFox Top Right / Address Bar
FireFox Lower Right Bottom
SeaMonkey Lower Right Bottom
Netscape Lower Right Bottom
MSN Lower Right Bottom

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