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Listing 132 Desk Sets in Database

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Adult Affenpinscher Larger Image
Adult Affenpinscher
Colors : Standard


Adult Afghan Hound Larger Image
Adult Afghan Hound
Colors : Fawn,Black,Cream

Afghan Hound

Adult Airedale Larger Image
Adult Airedale
Colors : Standard


Adult Akita Larger Image
Adult Akita
Colors : Brindle,Fawn,Grey,Black Pinto,Red Pinto


Adult American Bulldog Larger Image
Adult American Bulldog
Colors : Black/White,Brindle/White,Red/White,White

American Bulldog

Adult American Cocker Spaniel Larger Image
Adult American Cocker Spaniel
Colors : Black,Black Parti,Black/Tan,Brown,Brown Parti,Brown/Tan,Buff,Buff Parti,Tri

American Cocker Spaniel

Adult American Eskimo Larger Image
Adult American Eskimo
Colors : Standard

American Eskimo

Adult American Staffordshire Terrier Larger Image
Adult American Staffordshire Terrier
Colors : Black,Black/White,Blue,Blue/White,Brindle,Brindle/White,Fawn,Fawn/White,Red,Red/White

American Staffordshire Terrier

Adult American Staffordshire Terrier (natural) Larger Image
Adult American Staffordshire Terrier (natural)
Colors : Black,Black/White,Blue,Blue/White,Brindle,Brindle/White,Fawn,Fawn/White,Red,Red/White

American Staffordshire Terrier (natural)

Adult Australian Cattle Dog Larger Image
Adult Australian Cattle Dog
Colors : Blue,Red

Australian Cattle Dog

Adult Australian Shepherd Larger Image
Adult Australian Shepherd
Colors : Blue Merle,Red Merle,Black Tri,Red Tri

Australian Shepherd

Adult Australian Terrier Larger Image
Adult Australian Terrier
Colors : Standard

Australian Terrier

Adult Basenji Larger Image
Adult Basenji
Colors : Black/White,Brindle/White,Red/White,Tri


Adult Basset Hound Larger Image
Adult Basset Hound
Colors : Red/White,Black/White,Tri

Basset Hound

Adult Beagle Larger Image
Adult Beagle
Colors : Tri,Red/White


Adult Bearded Collie Larger Image
Adult Bearded Collie
Colors : Blue/White,Brown/White

Bearded Collie

Adult Bedlington Terrier Larger Image
Adult Bedlington Terrier
Colors : Blue,Liver,White

Bedlington Terrier

Adult Belgian Sheepdog Larger Image
Adult Belgian Sheepdog
Colors : Standard

Belgian Sheepdog

Adult Belgian Tervuren Larger Image
Adult Belgian Tervuren
Colors : Standard

Belgian Tervuren

Adult Bernese Mt. Dog Larger Image
Adult Bernese Mt. Dog
Colors : Standard

Bernese Mt. Dog

Adult Bichon Frise Larger Image
Adult Bichon Frise
Colors : Standard

Bichon Frise

Adult Bloodhound Larger Image
Adult Bloodhound
Colors : Black & Tan,Red,Red with Saddle


Adult Border Collie Larger Image
Adult Border Collie
Colors : Black,Red,Tri,Blue Merle,Red Merle

Border Collie

Adult Border Terrier Larger Image
Adult Border Terrier
Colors : Red,Brown,Wheaten

Border Terrier

Adult Borzoi Larger Image
Adult Borzoi
Colors : White,Cream,Bi,Red,Tri


Adult Boston Terrier Larger Image
Adult Boston Terrier
Colors : Black,Brindle,Seal

Boston Terrier

Adult Bouvier des Flandres Larger Image
Adult Bouvier des Flandres
Colors : Black,Grey,Fawn

Bouvier des Flandres

Adult Boxer Larger Image
Adult Boxer
Colors : Fawn,Brindle,White


Adult Boxer (natural) Larger Image
Adult Boxer (natural)
Colors : Fawn,Brindle,White

Boxer (natural)

Adult Briard Larger Image
Adult Briard
Colors : Black,Tawny,Grey


Adult Brittany Larger Image
Adult Brittany
Colors : Orange,Liver


Adult Brussels Griffon Larger Image
Adult Brussels Griffon
Colors : Red,Beige,Black,Black/Tan

Brussels Griffon

Adult Bull Terrier Larger Image
Adult Bull Terrier
Colors : Brindle,Red,White,White w/ Eye Patch

Bull Terrier

Adult Bullmastiff Larger Image
Adult Bullmastiff
Colors : Fawn,Red,Brindle


Adult Cairn Terrier Larger Image
Adult Cairn Terrier
Colors : Black/Brindle,Light Grey,Dark Grey,Wheaten

Cairn Terrier

Adult Cavalier King Charles Larger Image
Adult Cavalier King Charles
Colors : Blenheim,Tri,Black/Tan,Ruby

Cavalier King Charles

Adult Chesapeake Bay Retriever Larger Image
Adult Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Colors : Standard

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Adult Chihuahua Larger Image
Adult Chihuahua
Colors : Black,Black/Tan,Black/White,Brown,Fawn,Fawn/White,Tri,White


Adult Chihuahua (long hair) Larger Image
Adult Chihuahua (long hair)
Colors : Black,Black/Tan,Brown,Fawn,Fawn/White,Tri,White

Chihuahua (long hair)

Adult Chinese Crested Larger Image
Adult Chinese Crested
Colors : Standard

Chinese Crested

Adult Chinese Crested - Powder Puff Larger Image
Adult Chinese Crested - Powder Puff
Colors : Standard

Chinese Crested - Powder Puff

Adult Chow Chow Larger Image
Adult Chow Chow
Colors : Red,Black,Blue,Cinnamon,Cream

Chow Chow

Adult Clumber Spaniel Larger Image
Adult Clumber Spaniel
Colors : Orange,Lemon

Clumber Spaniel

Adult Collie Larger Image
Adult Collie
Colors : Sable,Tri,Blue Merle,Bi Black


Adult Dachshund (long hair) Larger Image
Adult Dachshund (long hair)
Colors : Black/Tan,Red,Blue Dapple,Red Dapple

Dachshund (long hair)

Adult Dachshund (smooth) Larger Image
Adult Dachshund (smooth)
Colors : Black/Tan,Red,Brown,Blue Dapple,Red Dapple

Dachshund (smooth)

Adult Dachshund (wire hair) Larger Image
Adult Dachshund (wire hair)
Colors : Black/Tan,Mustard,Red,Wild Boar

Dachshund (wire hair)

Adult Dalmatian Larger Image
Adult Dalmatian
Colors : Black,Liver


Adult Doberman Larger Image
Adult Doberman
Colors : Black/Tan,Red/Tan,Blue/Tan


Adult Doberman (natural) Larger Image
Adult Doberman (natural)
Colors : Black/Tan,Red/Tan,Blue/Tan

Doberman (natural)

Adult Dogue de Bordeaux Larger Image
Adult Dogue de Bordeaux
Colors : Standard

Dogue de Bordeaux

Adult English Bulldog Larger Image
Adult English Bulldog
Colors : Tan,Red,Brindle,White,Brindle/White

English Bulldog

Adult English Cocker Spaniel Larger Image
Adult English Cocker Spaniel
Colors : Black,Black / Tan,Blue Roan,Golden,Liver,Red

English Cocker Spaniel

Adult English Pointer Larger Image
Adult English Pointer
Colors : Black/White,Liver/White,Orange/White

English Pointer

Adult English Setter Larger Image
Adult English Setter
Colors : Blue Belton,Liver Belton,Orange Belton,Tri

English Setter

Adult English Springer Spaniel Larger Image
Adult English Springer Spaniel
Colors : Liver,Black

English Springer Spaniel

Adult English Toy Spaniel Larger Image
Adult English Toy Spaniel
Colors : Blenheim,Tri,Black & Tan

English Toy Spaniel

Adult Entlebucher Mt. Dog Larger Image
Adult Entlebucher Mt. Dog
Colors : Standard

Entlebucher Mt. Dog

Adult Finnish Spitz Larger Image
Adult Finnish Spitz
Colors : Standard

Finnish Spitz

Adult Flat-Coated Retriever Larger Image
Adult Flat-Coated Retriever
Colors : Black,Liver

Flat-Coated Retriever

Adult Fox Terrier (wire) Larger Image
Adult Fox Terrier (wire)
Colors : Standard

Fox Terrier (wire)

Adult French Bulldog Larger Image
Adult French Bulldog
Colors : Cream,Black/Brindle,Pied,White,Red Brindle,Fawn

French Bulldog

Adult German Shepherd Larger Image
Adult German Shepherd
Colors : Tan w/Black Saddle,Black w/Tan Points,Black,Gold w/Black Saddle,White

German Shepherd

Adult German Shorthaired Pointer Larger Image
Adult German Shorthaired Pointer
Colors : Standard

German Shorthaired Pointer

Adult German Wirehaired Pointer Larger Image
Adult German Wirehaired Pointer
Colors : Standard

German Wirehaired Pointer

Adult Golden Retriever Show Larger Image
Adult Golden Retriever Show
Colors : Cream,Light ,Dark

Golden Retriever Show

Adult Gordon Setter Larger Image
Adult Gordon Setter
Colors : Standard

Gordon Setter

Adult Great Dane Larger Image
Adult Great Dane
Colors : Black,Blue,Brindle,Fawn,Harlequin,Mantle

Great Dane

Adult Great Pyrenees Larger Image
Adult Great Pyrenees
Colors : Standard

Great Pyrenees

Adult Greater Swiss Mt. Dog Larger Image
Adult Greater Swiss Mt. Dog
Colors : Standard

Greater Swiss Mt. Dog

Adult Greyhound Larger Image
Adult Greyhound
Colors : Black,Blue,Blue/White,Brindle,Brindle/White,Fawn,Fawn/White


Adult Havanese Larger Image
Adult Havanese
Colors : White,Black/White,Grey/White,Dark Grey,Light Grey


Adult Irish Setter Larger Image
Adult Irish Setter
Colors : Standard

Irish Setter

Adult Irish Terrier Larger Image
Adult Irish Terrier
Colors : Standard

Irish Terrier

Adult Irish Water Spaniel Larger Image
Adult Irish Water Spaniel
Colors : Standard

Irish Water Spaniel

Adult Irish Wolfhound Larger Image
Adult Irish Wolfhound
Colors : Fawn,Grey,White

Irish Wolfhound

Adult Italian Greyhound Larger Image
Adult Italian Greyhound
Colors : Fawn,Fawn/White,Blue,Blue/White,Black

Italian Greyhound

Adult Jack Russell Terrier Larger Image
Adult Jack Russell Terrier
Colors : Brown/White,Black/White,Tri

Jack Russell Terrier

Adult Japanese Chin Larger Image
Adult Japanese Chin
Colors : Red/White,Black/White

Japanese Chin

Adult Keeshond Larger Image
Adult Keeshond
Colors : Standard


Adult Kerry Blue Terrier Larger Image
Adult Kerry Blue Terrier
Colors : Standard

Kerry Blue Terrier

Adult Kuvasz Larger Image
Adult Kuvasz
Colors : Standard


Adult Labrador Retriever Larger Image
Adult Labrador Retriever
Colors : Black,Yellow,Chocolate

Labrador Retriever

Adult Leonberger Larger Image
Adult Leonberger
Colors : Standard


Adult Lhasa Apso Larger Image
Adult Lhasa Apso
Colors : Black,Silver Fawn,Cream

Lhasa Apso

Adult Lhasa Apso (puppy clip) Larger Image
Adult Lhasa Apso (puppy clip)
Colors : Black,Silver Fawn,Cream

Lhasa Apso (puppy clip)

Adult Lowchen Larger Image
Adult Lowchen
Colors : Black/White,Cream,Red


Adult Maltese Larger Image
Adult Maltese
Colors : Standard


Adult Mastiff Larger Image
Adult Mastiff
Colors : Fawn,Apricot,Fawn Brindle,Apricot Brindle


Adult Miniature Pinscher Larger Image
Adult Miniature Pinscher
Colors : Black/Tan,Red,Chocolate/Tan

Miniature Pinscher

Adult Newfoundland Larger Image
Adult Newfoundland
Colors : Black,Brown,Landseer


Adult Norfolk Terrier Larger Image
Adult Norfolk Terrier
Colors : Red,Wheaten,Black/Tan,Grizzle

Norfolk Terrier

Adult Norwegian Elkhound Larger Image
Adult Norwegian Elkhound
Colors : Standard

Norwegian Elkhound

Adult Norwich Terrier Larger Image
Adult Norwich Terrier
Colors : Red,Wheaten,Black & Tan,Grizzle

Norwich Terrier

Adult Nova Scotia DuckTolling Retriever Larger Image
Adult Nova Scotia DuckTolling Retriever
Colors : Standard

Nova Scotia DuckTolling Retriever

Adult Old English Sheepdog Larger Image
Adult Old English Sheepdog
Colors : Standard

Old English Sheepdog

Adult Papillon Larger Image
Adult Papillon
Colors : Brown/White,Black/White,Tri


Adult Pekingese Larger Image
Adult Pekingese
Colors : Black,Fawn,Red,Sable,White


Adult Pomeranian Larger Image
Adult Pomeranian
Colors : Orange,Black,Brown,Black/Tan,Cream,White


Adult Poodle Larger Image
Adult Poodle
Colors : White,Black,Brown,Apricot,Red,Silver


Adult Portuguese Water Dog Larger Image
Adult Portuguese Water Dog
Colors : Black,Brown,Irish

Portuguese Water Dog

Adult Pug Larger Image
Adult Pug
Colors : Fawn,Black


Adult Puli Larger Image
Adult Puli
Colors : Black,White


Adult Rat Terrier Larger Image
Adult Rat Terrier
Colors : Red/White,Black/White,Tri

Rat Terrier

Adult Rhodesian Ridgeback Larger Image
Adult Rhodesian Ridgeback
Colors : Standard

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Adult Rottweiler Larger Image
Adult Rottweiler
Colors : Standard


Adult Samoyed Larger Image
Adult Samoyed
Colors : Standard


Adult Schipperke Larger Image
Adult Schipperke
Colors : Standard


Adult Schnauzer (natural) Larger Image
Adult Schnauzer (natural)
Colors : Salt/Pepper,Black/Silver,Black,White

Schnauzer (natural)

Adult Scottish Terrier Larger Image
Adult Scottish Terrier
Colors : Black,Wheaten,Brindle

Scottish Terrier

Adult Sealyham Terrier Larger Image
Adult Sealyham Terrier
Colors : Standard

Sealyham Terrier

Adult Shar Pei Larger Image
Adult Shar Pei
Colors : Red ,Cream,Black

Shar Pei

Adult Shetland Sheepdog Larger Image
Adult Shetland Sheepdog
Colors : Sable,Tri,Blue Merle,Bi Black

Shetland Sheepdog

Adult Shiba Inu Larger Image
Adult Shiba Inu
Colors : Cream,Red,Red Sesame,Black/Tan

Shiba Inu

Adult Shih Tzu Larger Image
Adult Shih Tzu
Colors : Black/White,Gold/White,Silver/White,Brown/White

Shih Tzu

Adult Siberian Husky Larger Image
Adult Siberian Husky
Colors : Black/White,Grey/White,Red/White

Siberian Husky

Adult Silky Terrier Larger Image
Adult Silky Terrier
Colors : Standard

Silky Terrier

Adult Skye Terrier Larger Image
Adult Skye Terrier
Colors : Dark Grey,Light Grey,Cream

Skye Terrier

Adult Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Larger Image
Adult Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Colors : Standard

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Adult St. Bernard Larger Image
Adult St. Bernard
Colors : Standard

St. Bernard

Adult Sussex Spaniel Larger Image
Adult Sussex Spaniel
Colors : Standard

Sussex Spaniel

Adult Tibetan Spaniel Larger Image
Adult Tibetan Spaniel
Colors : Fawn,Red,Black

Tibetan Spaniel

Adult Tibetan Terrier Larger Image
Adult Tibetan Terrier
Colors : Black,Black/White,Brown/White

Tibetan Terrier

Adult Vizsla Larger Image
Adult Vizsla
Colors : Standard


Adult Weimaraner Larger Image
Adult Weimaraner
Colors : Standard


Adult Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) Larger Image
Adult Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)
Colors : Red,Blonde,Sable,Tri

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Adult Welsh Springer Spaniel Larger Image
Adult Welsh Springer Spaniel
Colors : Standard

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Adult Welsh Terrier Larger Image
Adult Welsh Terrier
Colors : Standard

Welsh Terrier

Adult West Highland Terrier Larger Image
Adult West Highland Terrier
Colors : Standard

West Highland Terrier

Adult Whippet Larger Image
Adult Whippet
Colors : Brindle,Brindle/White,Fawn,Fawn/White,Red


Adult Yorkshire Terrier Larger Image
Adult Yorkshire Terrier
Colors : Standard

Yorkshire Terrier

Adult Yorkshire Terrier (puppy clip) Larger Image
Adult Yorkshire Terrier (puppy clip)
Colors : Standard

Yorkshire Terrier (puppy clip)


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